See orange this hunting season | Weekend magazine

When I called Mike Covey from Williamstown to talk about hunting, the phone rang several times and then stopped. On the line, there were muffled rustling noises, then a faint “Hello?” I introduced myself, and Covey replied, in a whisper, “I’m currently at a tree stand in central New Hampshire.” Can I call you back?” I knew I had called the right person to talk about hunting.

The arrival of fall means apples, foliage and firewood, and it also marks the start of many hunting seasons, including bear, moose, turkey and deer. While deer rifle season is by far the most popular, hunters are active throughout the season. This means that outdoor enthusiasts, such as hikers, cyclists, horseback riders, and dog walkers should take extra precautions to stay safe when traveling in the woods. But that doesn’t mean, says Covey, that people still can’t get out and enjoy the great weather that’s upon us.