Stay safe this hunting season

Bancroft OPP reminds residents and visitors to the Bancroft area that hunting season is underway.

Hunting season for most small game (including grouse/partridge and hare) and most geese has already started in the area, with duck season starting on Saturday 24th September. Rifle hunting for deer hunting, including the use of dogs, begins November 7 and continues November 20.

Residents can see and hear people participating in this outdoor activity. Other legal activities such as target shooting and skeet shooting can also take place at any time of the year. These involve discharging firearms; residents should not be alarmed as long as this is done in a safe manner.

For those who want to enjoy an autumn walk in the woods or along trails on rural public land, police advise taking precautions. If you frequent areas where these activities take place, please make yourself more visible by wearing a bright “Hunter Orange” or other bright color jacket and/or hat. If you’re taking your dog with you, consider putting something colorful on it or attaching a bell to its collar.

If you encounter a dog that appears to be a hunting dog and is not in distress, the dog may return to its owner. If you have any concerns for the dog you can contact the number on the collar if it can be safely located or you can contact the local pound.

Police say it is important that everyone stays safe while participating in their respective activity.