Crisis actors, fake bodies and wooden guns – lies claiming the war in Ukraine is a hoax

Fabricated posts with photos and videos claiming to prove the war in Ukraine is fake, or simply to confuse, have gone viral on social media. There were fears that Russia launched bogus information campaigns at the start of the invasion last week after targeting media and communication centers in Ukraine. And the Ministry of Defense […]


Calls to end ‘barbaric’ trophy hunting imports as MP backs campaign

An Ayrshire MP has joined the campaign to ban imports of ‘barbaric’ hunting trophies. Allan Dorans, MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock, has shown his support for a ban on goods brought into the UK by British trophy hunters who kill endangered animals – including lions, elephants and rhinos – abroad for fun. The law […]


Slash predicts new music will come from Guns N Roses and his solo band after 2023 tour

slash gave a new interview to Travis Mills on Apple Music 1 to discuss the release of 4 (feat. Myles Kennedy and the conspirators) to Gibson records, his experience working with Spatial Audio, the current state of rock, embracing TikTok, being the first-ever release through Gibson, and more. In addition to everything Slash discussed about […]


The City requests a workshop to discuss duck hunting on the lakes

Lakeland City Commissioners today addressed the emotionally charged issue of duck hunting on the city’s lakes after receiving emails from residents along Parker Lake who complained about the recent explosions pre-dawn shotguns near their homes and a city recreation trail that runs along the lake. For residents, hunting near neighborhoods poses a threat to safety […]


Bay Area Native Humorously Recounts American Muslim Experience in ‘Go Back Where You Came From’

Wajahat Ali, author of the new memoir “Go Back Where You Came From: And Other Useful Recommendations on How to Become an American.” Photo: courtesy of Wajahat Ali/Huffington Post “Terrorist.” “Parasite.” “Race primer.” Wajahat Ali has been called so many offensive insults during his career as a journalist, playwright, lawyer and political commentator, he can […]


Rabbit hunting is a great way to enjoy winter

Rabbit hunting is, without a doubt, a very popular hunting pastime in Michigan, which offers many opportunities throughout the state during the winter months. There is no doubt that I spend more time each year hunting rabbits, especially local rabbits (and also snowshoe hares elsewhere whenever the opportunity arises) than any other game, which I […]


Weapon Humor: How Fallen Officer Brandon Stalker’s Partner Keeps His Memory Alive

Toledo Police Officer Mitchael Vanderhorst shares what his police partner meant to him on the first anniversary of his death in the line of duty. TOLEDO, Ohio — Humor is Officer Mitchael Vanderhorst’s weapon of choice. “I saw him open a new Gatorade, so I braked pretty hard, and he flipped over it,” Vanderhorst said, […]


The dark humor and remarkable life of Ollie Harrington on display at OSU

Ollie Harrington’s sixth-grade teacher Miss McCoy inspired him to become a designer, but not because she recognized his artistic talents. Instead, as Harrington related later in life, McCoy would call Ollie and another black student in front of the class and say, “These two, being black, belong in the trash.” Young Harrington was powerless to […]


Mohonk Preserve Crown Jewel Hike

Many hikes in the Hudson Valley offer scenic views. But this particular loop, which is part of the 8,000-acre Mohonk Preserve, is special for natural viewing pleasure and accessibility. It doesn’t hurt to be located near two long-time beloved restaurants for a post-hike reward. The iconic and heavily trafficked 4.7 mile loop from Undercliff Carriage […]


Celia Rivenbark’s weekend humor: the joy (and implications) of owning a big-screen TV

Duh Hubby’s slightly older single friend “Otis” had a surprising reaction when Duh told him that after years of begging and I insisted that our living room look like a sports bar, I told him. presented the big television of his dreams. for his recent birthday ends in 0. Duh was excited about the Red […]