The 5 Best Massage Guns of 2022

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No matter how you prefer to keep in shape, it’s natural to experience muscle soreness. This pain can affect your training and may even cause you to take unscheduled days off. While rest is always important, massage guns also provide relief by relaxing you and getting your blood flowing.

Massage guns work by pounding your muscles up to 4,000 times per minute. The depth of this blow (called percussion) and the amount of force it exerts determines its power. Those who prefer hard massages should look for a gun with a higher stroke rate, more strokes per minute, and more force, while sensitive people should opt for a lighter massager.

As someone who trains regularly in different ways, my body knows pain. all Very good. But it also makes me a prime candidate to test any massage gun I can get my hands on; me too.

Whether I’m prepping for a 10k, recovering after a long bike ride, or relaxing after lifting weights, massage guns are my go-to for post-workout recovery — and I’ve listed my five favorites below. I’ve also included an overview of how I test massage guns, as well as models that didn’t pass, at the end of this guide.

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Here are the best massage guns:

Best Overall: Theragun Prime, $299 on Theragun
The Theragun Prime may not be the brand’s flagship product, but it still delivers a high-quality massage experience in a durable, easy-to-use package at half the price.

Better professional quality: Theragun Pro, $599 at Amazon
The Theragun Pro is a powerful, customizable, and durable massager that’s worth every penny of its $600 price tag.

Better battery life: Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro, $399 on Hyperice
The Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro features five different percussion settings that deliver precise yet powerful massages, and its battery is among the best we’ve tested, capable of lasting over 3 hours on a single charge.

Best entry-level: Theragun Mini, $199 on Therabody
The fourth generation of massage guns from Therabody introduced the Theragun Mini, a portable device that packs a punchy punch into a much smaller package.

Best budget: Vybe Premium Percussion Massage Gun, $174.99 at Amazon
The Vybe Premium Percussion Massage Gun has five speeds and runs for up to four hours on a single charge, and it cuts the price of other massagers in half.