The Argonaut – NOTICE: Idaho needs gun reform


Gun violence has never been so close to home as it is today.

Monday 25e, a shooting took place in the Boise shopping center. Two victims died and four were injured, the suspect died in hospital the next day. By all accounts, this is the first mass shooting that I am fully aware of in Boise.

I was born and raised in Boise. I went to this mall probably almost every week in high school. Whether I was shopping for the upcoming school year or going to the food court after class, I knew most of its twists like my pocket.

And honestly, I never felt unsafe there. Blame it on my invincible youthful complex or innocent arrogance, the thought of something like this happening seemed inconceivable. When I imagine myself in this mall and what I would if I heard echoes of gunfire, I almost shudder.

It’s no secret that gun violence in America is a hot topic of debate. Mass shootings happen almost every week – it was ingrained in my head that it was completely normal. But now, since it happened so close to home, I feel different.

Idaho is one of the less progressive states when it comes to almost everything, but especially when it comes to gun reform. We are one of the few states that does not require a license to purchase a rifle, handgun, or shotgun, as well as a license to carry a rifle, handgun, or shotgun. The icing on the cake: we can open the transport without a permit.

I digress when it comes to gun reform. In my own perfect world, it would be illegal to own most guns. I know many others differ drastically from their opinions and I agree with that. I know others have different views on this issue and I respect almost all of them. But I will never be able to sympathize with our open porterage law.

It does not make sense from a critical point of view. The argument for self-defense is strong and understandable, but that is what permits should be used for. If people want to transport, they should have some kind of directive that says they are qualified to do so.

There is no fundamental differentiation between individuals who wear openly and have good or bad intentions. There is some peace of mind that people would need a license, but without it how can I trust someone with a gun?

I am not suggesting that this law is the reason the shooting took place on Monday. I say it’s time for Idaho and Governor Little to reassess their gun laws and priorities. When does the Second Amendment proposal turn into blind ignorance? I would hate to wait to find out.

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