THQ Nordic Unveils Way of the Hunter Hunting Simulator

The tension, excitement and thrill of the hunt is finally presented through the lens of a highly experienced ethical hunter in Way of the Hunter. Developed by Slovakian company Nine Rocks Games, Way of the Hunter is in development for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X.

Players take on the role of a seasoned hunter who has just taken over his grandfather’s hunting cabin and the opportunity to continue the family tradition of selling high-quality game meat. A variety of biomes provide the player with a vast area of ​​beautiful nature to explore. The hunter is challenged to observe animal tracks while carefully stalking and avoiding detection by the heightened senses of his prey.

Way of the Hunter’s vast selection of authentic hunting gear and weapons, including licensed guns and scopes, are amplified with realistic gun manipulation and bullet physics. The game features two vast open-world hunting grounds – one in the United States and one in Europe – each 55 square miles (140 km²) in size and featuring its own simulated wildlife ecosystem. Cooperative multiplayer modes allow players to venture into the awe-inspiring wilderness and share the thrill of the hunt on their greatest hunting adventures.