Tips for staying safe while hunting this season

INDIANA (WEHT) – Here are several tips provided by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to keep you safe this hunting season.

MNR officials emphasize the importance of gun safety, as it goes hand in hand with hunting safety. Remember these four main rules:

  1. Always point the barrel in a safe direction.
  2. Treat every firearm with the respect due to a loaded gun.
  3. Be sure of the target and what is ahead and beyond.
  4. Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.

Hunters, including those using archery equipment, must meet hunter’s orange requirements when hunting deer during the firearm, muzzle-loading and hunting seasons. deer hunting. In the Hoosier state, these dates run:

  • Gun Season (Nov 12-Nov 27, 2022)
  • Muzzleloader Season (December 3-18, 2022)
  • Deer reduction season (September 15, 2022 – January 31, 2023 in deer reduction areas)

MayoClinic also provided these nine tips to remember this season:

  1. Watch for the warning signs of a heart attack.
  2. Be aware that falls tend to be the most common cause of injury.
  3. Always check equipment and supports and use seat belts to prevent falls.
  4. Avoid alcohol.
  5. Let family members know where you are going to hunt and carry two-way radios or loud whistles in case help is needed.
  6. Learn basic first aid before heading into the woods.
  7. Always control the muzzle.
  8. Be sure of your target.
  9. Wear protective gear.

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