Turning to black magic: Prime Minister attacks Congress, all guns blaze

Turning to black magic: Prime Minister attacks Congress, all guns blaze

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tore Congress apart for his serial protests which began with the start of the monsoon session of Parliament and reached a nucleating point when MPs, leaders and workers of the big old party protested. presented in black clothes on August 5.

“Some people resort to black magic because they are immersed in despair and negativity. On August 5, there was an attempt to spread black magic. These people think that by wearing black clothes, they will be able to end their period of despair,” the prime minister said in a brazen, all-out attack on Congress.

Dressed in black, congressional leaders took to the streets on August 5 to protest rising prices, unemployment and a hike in the goods and services tax (GST) on essential items.

“Some people in our country are trapped in the vortex of negativity and are plunged into despair. Despite their constant lies against the government, the public is not ready to trust them,” he added.

Speaking strongly on the culture of handing out freebies to get more votes in elections, the Prime Minister said: “Anyone can come and announce that they will give away free petrol and diesel if their policy is egocentric. Such measures will deprive our children of their rights and prevent the country from becoming self-sufficient. This will increase the burden on taxpayers. »

The prime minister and his party leaders have been very vocal about campaign giveaways – which they call ‘revdi culture’, an apparent jibe to the Aam Aadmi party which has tried to make inroads in Gujarat with promises of electricity and free education. . The politically crucial state, also Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state, will go to the polls later this year.