Two luxury hiking trails with suspension bridges in Gyeongnam

As interest in off-the-beaten-track travel destinations has increased due to the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak, Gyeongnam Province has recommended two luxury hiking trails with suspension bridges where you can fully enjoying nature outdoors on a spring day.

Geochang Udusan — Geochang Y-shaped Suspension Bridge

Image: Geochang-gun

Udusan (1,046m), located in Gajo-myeon, Geochang, was named after the shape of the mountain which resembles the head of a cow. It is also called byeol heritage because of its outstanding scenery and the mountains leading to the nine peaks exude a mysterious aspect.

There is a Y-shaped suspension bridge that connects three places above the valley at 620m above sea level on Mount Udu. This suspension bridge was officially named “Geochang Y-shaped Suspension Bridge” in the Geochang-gun website naming contest.

The Y-shaped suspension bridge is the first suspension bridge in Korea with a special construction method, which measures 45m, 40m and 24m respectively, with a total length of 109m.

The recommended climbing course that can use the suspension bridge is Anti-Aging Healing Land Entrance – Gogyeonsa Temple – Uisangbong – Udusan Sangbong -Majangjae – Geochang Y-shaped Suspension Bridge – Anti-Aging Healing Land.

The hike takes about 3 hours.

There is also a relatively short circulation route that uses a suspension bridge along the hiking path consisting of a barrier-free apron road, wooden stairs and palm carpets with a total length of 1.1 km from the entrance to Anti-Aging Healing Land.

Hadong Jirisan — Seongjebong Sinseondae Gureumdari

Image: Gyeongnam Province

Seongjebong (Hyeongjebong) is located in the southwestern part of Gyeongsangnam-do, facing the sea and backing the mountains. The two woodpeckers lined up next to each other look like deeply loving brothers, hence their name.

There is a suspension bridge which was completed in May last year in the Sinseondae area at an altitude of 900m above sea level at Seongjebong in Jirisan Mountain. The suspension bridge, named “Seongjebong Sinseondae Gureumdari”, has a total length of 137m and a width of 1.6m.

From ‘Seongjebong Sinseondae Gureumdari’, you can see the rich fields of Pyeongsari in Akyang, the scene of Roman Land, the unexplored landscapes of the winding Seomjin River and the towering Baegun Mountain across the Seomjin River, offering tourists new things. to see and enjoy.

The hiking route where you can use the Gureumdari is Gososeong → Sinseondae Gureumdari (3.4 km 3 hours) — Gangseonam Parking Lot — Sinseondae Gureumdari (1.6 km 1 hour 30 minutes) — Glide Factory — Seongjebong — Sinseondae Gureumdari (3 .0 km 1 hour).

Among them, the gliding factory section is accessible by vehicles from Buchun village in Hwagae-myeon to the gliding factory using the forest road, but the passage of general vehicles is limited on the forest road, it It is therefore necessary to know in advance whether the National Forest Management Office can enter or not.