Vaccine leader traveling to country with guns, flamethrower and fake badge ready to arrest Democratic governors

The head of the COVID-19 vaccine “Vaccine Police” organization, Christopher Key, who has proudly said he will soon arrest Democratic Governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards for vaccination warrants, has embarked on a travel across the country with a fake badge and a high capacity gun. In a series of Telegram messages released over the past week, Key has visited countless state offices and harassed officials about vaccines, masks and warrants. In a telephone conversation with The Daily Beast last week, Key said he had traveled the country to “serve” people with packets of information which he said supported his conspiracy theory that the COVID-19 vaccines are “biological weapons”. But it’s not just the guns Key showed off, he appears to have access to a flamethrower as well. “All these biological weapons that we have, which are not vaccines, they all have to be lined up and they have to be exterminated,” Key said in a video posted in mid-December while wielding a flamethrower. When asked about the guns on Saturday night and whether he intended to bring them in during the scheduled arrests, Key told the Daily Beast he was “never about violence”. “I will do it [the citizen arrests] legally, and the sheriffs will be with me, ”he added.