Venice Hotels Are Providing Water Guns To Their Guests For This Very Weird Reason!, Venice

In order to get rid of seagulls, several hotels in Venice provide water guns to their guests. Two of the city’s popular properties, Gritti Palace and Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal, give the color orange (the color is repulsive to birds).

Gritti Palace manager Paolo Lorenzoni said they tried falconers but it was quite expensive. They also tried spinning fake owls but couldn’t scare them off but the moment they saw a gun they flew away. He added that it was not even necessary to use them, but to keep them on the table so that they could see the weapon.

Apparently the seagull has become a problem in the city. In Venice, they are called magoghe, that is to say huge birds with a pointed beak. These birds love to snatch food at all costs. Before that, the city was already struggling to control the pigeon population.

Hygiene and environment expert Francesco Boemo told local media: “The large number of seagulls, in addition to being an aggressive and annoying presence for people, represents a problem for health and hygiene, as well as for buildings and the environment”. But he also said that because they are a protected species, they cannot be eliminated.

So the last and most immediate resort is water cannons which seem to be effective.


  1. Why is Venice famous?
    Venice is popular for its pretty bridges and canals. The city has more than 400 bridges and 170 canals.
  2. Are cars banned in Venice?
    Yes, cars are strictly prohibited here, as there are no roads, only trails and canals.
  3. Is Venice sinking?
    Venice is a beautiful city built on water. The city is actually sinking up to 2 mm per year.