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Governor Kim Reynolds – Iowa Hawkeye State

Hey America, the GOP has a message

These types of experts don’t hear well. They continue to miss the foxy in all of Senator Mitch’s clear proclamations. Elect us, we love power and money. What’s more important?

The GOP knows what America wants. He wants to pamper and pamper the interests of wealth. We don’t need scientific polls that say America is strong in saving the planet. Majorities may favor serious measures to avoid extinction, but science is, well, optional. Things to choose from, everyone loves cherries almost as American as apple pie. Science is for nerds; we are the cool look of our socks and our guns. We, the GOP, know best. We have to coddle the corporate interests to keep the money flowing. Stand in line for Evita. You doubt the GOP is cool, take a moment to look at Mitch, all foxy in his socks.

Mitch McConnell So Cunning – Senator Scott Committed DC’s Big Misstep By Telling The Truth

Because Mitch said we’ll let you know after the election that the press ran with the GOP has no politics. Selling souls to financial interests is not considered a policy. Senator Scott, Republican of Florida (a statement in itself) set policy. Policies attacking social security and health care. Immediately, sharp minds in GOP circles realized that this could be the order of the day, it would lead to defeat if people knew about it.

Oh, my what to do? We can’t just say “trust us”. Americans are well aware of the high standards and principles of Trump’s party. Scaled from the fetid swamps to Mount Denali, most Republicans are content with the leeches just below the scum of the ponds. A dilemma, if the GOP is honest about financially destroying everyone in the middle class, people won’t vote Republican. Still, it’s an inescapable scenario to keep the America our GOP loves. The one where the Republican leaders are part of the class of oligarchs. We real Americans, Lincoln’s party, need a message and good messengers.

Kicking ass and taking names

Many of our most beloved constituents have learned to despise Lincoln and honor Robert E. Lee. Like science, we do not value history; we just ignore the inconsistency. Since most of our leaders were on Bull Connor’s side, we need a better face for our message. Please Mo Brooks, sit down; many voters are not your real Americans. Yes, we are still working on changing it to make it a registration requirement. The unqualified black woman cannot change our illegitimate majority on SCOTUS. Unfortunately, in this election, many of them will still vote.

We turned to the Heartland. Everyone loves the sound of Heartland. Iowa, everyone loves Iowa. Have you seen Field of Dreams? No, Senator Chuck is too old and grumpy. Senator Joni is simply not right. The governor has the right look and a soft, innocuous voice, even proclaiming that Iowa won’t worry about Covid deaths. Schoolchildren can carry bread bags on their feet.

Yes, we choose Governor Reynolds, a woman who appears to run a real estate company. The kind of mom who was too busy for small family details. The mom who brought your high school friend to hang out at your house. Supreme Leader Kim is the perfect messenger. Iowa has the perfect message. Meredith Wilson said it all in Music Man. Yes, sir, there are problems, problems right here in River City. Forget the rhymes, the problem is Joe Biden. Even if it is not the fault of Joe Biden, it is the fault of the communist democrats who control him. Don’t look at the bright sun of a new America. Look here at the dark and terrible days and fear more to come. We Hawkeyes have keen eyesight. We can see the pollution that our unregulated agricultural practices are causing to our rivers and aquifers. No, we can’t. Pollution only harms the little people; the shareholder class benefits. But we Hawkeyes are discerning enough to see the real dangers. Urban areas, especially coastal elites, are ruining our dreams. Those whiny people who complain about being inundated by rising sea levels or losing their vineyards to a forest fire. If it weren’t for the redwoods, California would be more like Iowa. A clear view of unchanging monotony rolling gently in all directions. It would be good. We are able to turn our heads back. If corporate interests tell us it’s bad, we’ll quickly call it bad.

Trouble in River City

The danger is the urban rioters, the half-breeds not those of January 6and. Indeed, on January 6and is a misunderstanding. These patriotic attempts to overthrow the government are understandable, given the horror of Nancy Pelosi. It was simply a legitimate protest. The communists’ allies, the media, only exaggerate the events for the audiences. Ignore that, let Governor Reynolds demonstrate why everyone should cower in their gated communities. All good people live in this privilege. Listen to us; the kind, soft-spoken community lady tells you to be scared, very scared.

Some of us know that the secessionists had every right to initiate legitimate protest because Lincoln was a black Republican and a tyrant.

Some women opposed women’s suffrage, but most men thought women shouldn’t vote

Sit down Mo Brooks.

America, listen to the soft, soothing voice of Governor Reynolds as she describes the hellish landscape Joe Biden is causing. Ignore the climate crisis, pretend we’re still living in Republican President Taft’s good old days. A time when real Americans were in charge. Women could not vote and everyone else knew their place.

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