Warzone Season 3 Best Guns, Top Meta Weapons 2022

If you’re looking for the best weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 3, you’ve come to the right place. Warzone Season 3’s new meta is set to bring some significant changes to the popular battle royale. Several new guns, weapon balancing changes, and new points of interest will change how you should approach each playthrough. If you’re looking to dominate your opponents early in the season and stay ahead of the game, here are the best Warzone Season 3 meta guns.

What is the new Warzone Season 3 2022 meta?

Best Warzone Pacific Season 3 Meta Guns 2022

Before moving on to our list, we must first highlight a few points. This list was compiled based on our past experience, previous meta, new balance and weapon changes, and additions in Warzone Pacific Season 3. Additionally, we thoroughly tested new and modified weapons. Combining all of that, we’ve come up with our list of the best weapons. That said, the meta is not set in stone and depends on many factors. Although very specific, the list is always subjective. Some weapons may simply suit your style better or work better in certain scenarios. That said, check out what we think is the best weapon of each class for Warzone Pacific Season 3.

The Best Assault Rifle (AR) in Warzone Season 3 2022 – Cooper Carbine

Best Assault Rifle (AR) in Warzone Season 3 2022

Since the weapon’s introduction in Vanguard, the Cooper Carbine has quickly become the dominant assault rifle in Warzone. And while it’s been hit with a few nerfs, it’s still powerful and extremely effective. What makes the Cooper Carbine so reliable is its lightning-fast rate of fire and high accuracy. It shines in close combat, where it can quickly tear enemies apart, but it also won’t let you down at longer ranges. In combination with superb recoil control, this gun has one of the fastest TTK (Time-To-Kill) in the game.

The best submachine gun (SMG) in Warzone Season 3 2022 – Owen Gun

The best submachine gun (SMG) in Warzone Season 3 2022 - Owen Gun

Another Vanguard addition, the Owen Gun SMG in Warzone dominates in its class. The Owen Gun’s high base mobility and fast fire rate is a great combination for Caldera. Equipped with the 72 Round Drum attachment, this beast can keep you in fights for an extended period of time, allowing you to take out a few opponents in tight situations before having to reload again. Although you can even use it as a primary weapon, the Owen Gun is a perfect secondary weapon to complement AR or sniper as your primary weapon. If you are not comfortable with the Owen, then the MP-40 or the Milano 821 are good alternatives.

The best sniper in Warzone Season 3 2022 – Swiss K31

The best sniper in Warzone Season 3 2022 - Swiss K31

When it comes to snipers and sniper rifles, there really are several good choices. The Kar98k (VG and MW versions) is still a great mid-range option, and you can never go wrong if you choose it. However, the best sniper for this meta is the Swiss K31.

This bolt-action sniper rifle has immense stopping power and on top of that it has a bit faster rate of fire compared to other heavy hitters in its class. And, needless to say, it packs a heavy punch. Plus, if all that isn’t enough, the Swiss K31 is also a very accurate rifle, which pairs perfectly with its solid ADS velocity for fast aiming action.

The best light machine gun (LMG) in Warzone Season 3 2022 – Bren

Best Light Machine Gun (LMG) in Warzone Season 3 2022 - Bren

The Bren has its roots in the legendary real machine gun used by the British during World War II. When it comes to Warzone, it stands out as an LMG with by far the fastest kill time. LMGs aren’t, in general, the best meta choice, but if you want to try one out, Bren is a perfect choice. It offers heavy damage and it is able to teleport enemies from afar, which can serve you well in the open fields of Caldera.

It’s a perfect weapon for zoning and covering your teammates from a distance. The downsides are poor accuracy (spray and pray tactics) and heaviness, which results in slowness and generally lower mobility. So, if you want to be effective, you need to think about upstream positioning.

The best shotgun in Warzone Season 3 2022 – JAK-12

The best shotgun in Warzone Season 3 2022 - JAK-12

Finally, for all of you who like to approach the action up close and personal, shotgun class! Since the introduction of Caldera, shotguns have lost popularity due to the inherent design of the map. Nevertheless, there is still room for those of you who prefer to blast your enemies to smithereens.

This season, the JAK-12 is an undisputed winner in the shotgun class. It offers a large magazine and manageable recoil, an unconventional combination for a shotgun. It also boasts a relatively fast rate of fire while being fully automatic. These are all factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the JAK-12 and place it above other weapons in this class. We find it pairs well with a good long-range sniper as a primary, for situations where you’re caught off guard and need to take out the threat quickly. However, if you are interested in a more traditional shotgun style of play, good options are the Gallo SA12 or the Streetsweeper.

Alas, we have come to the end. In general, the meta is currently quite stable and well balanced. So while the guns listed above are slightly above average, there are plenty of other guns that are viable as well. Feel free to experiment with builds and see which weaponry will best suit your playstyle. Have fun in Warzone Pacific Season 3!