Wild Guns Reloaded Gets Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition Versions


Sci-fi western shoot ’em up fans Wild Guns Reloaded will soon be able to pre-order a limited edition boxed version, available for both the Switch and the PS4. An updated and revamped version of the classic SNES Wild Weapons, Wild Guns Reloaded received praise for its fast-paced gameplay and stunning retro graphics. Plus, it’s great fun taking down waves of rooted robots.

Wild Guns Reloaded adds a number of new features to the original. In addition to the updated visuals, it includes new stages and the ability to play in 4-player co-op. There are even two new playable characters: the old OG of the west Annie and Clint are making a return, but now you can also play as a cyborg named Dorris, and a long-haired dachshund named Bullet, who is obviously the best character in the game. Game.

Wild Guns Reloaded

I’d take a bullet for Bullet

The Limited Edition version comes with a nostalgic user manual, while the Collector’s Edition raises the bar with a truly wild set of collectibles.

Wild Guns Reloaded Collector's Edition

Of course, there probably won’t be many occasions when you need an engraved bullet necklace. And I am not convinced that the original CD soundtrack will be of much use. But again: you get a Bullet keychain. So.

Made by developer Natsume, Wild Guns Reloaded was first released on the SNES in 1994 and has since exerted a lasting influence on the old west gaming genre. With one-hit kills and truly brutal bosses, the original was a real test of your old-school gaming skills. Wild Guns Reloaded lets you reduce frustration with varying difficulty modes, and having three friends fighting by your side is sure to ease the pain. If you want to try out the original, Switch owners can play it right now through SNES Online. (I turned it on recently and managed to get to the second boss, who then quickly kicked me in the sarsaparilla.)

Pre-orders for Wild Guns Reloaded on Switch and PS4 begin October 3 on the Strictly Limited website.

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