Woman survives 400ft fall while hiking in Colorado | Local News

According to the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, a hiker took a big fall near the 14,099-foot Snowmass Mountain on Tuesday afternoon.

An accident report was received by the Pitkin County Regional Emergency Communications Center at approximately 4:25 p.m., following a 27-year-old woman falling 400 feet down a steep snow-covered slope and of scree. GPS coordinates of a SPOT rescue beacon device pinned the woman at Snowmass Lake, which sits just east of Snowmass Mountain at an elevation of 10,980 feet.

It’s unclear exactly where the fall took place and what hike the woman was on when the accident happened. The image below shows what the terrain looks like in the area, with the gray pin near the summit of 14,099-foot Snowmass Mountain and the red pin on Snowmass Lake several thousand feet below.

The gray hairpin is near the summit of 14,099 foot Snowmass Mountain and the red hairpin on Snowmass Lake several thousand feet below. Image: ©2022 Google Maps.

During the fall, the woman suffered several injuries, including a possible open fracture of her leg and a head injury. While waiting for a response from the rescue teams, at least three passers-by attended to the woman, including a nurse.

Following the report of the accident, rescue teams were mobilized and a two-person team was dropped in the immediate area by helicopter around 6 p.m., with two additional teams dispatched to the scene on foot from the Snowmass trailhead Creek.

Helicopter-dropped rescuers were able to make contact with the woman at 6:25 p.m., working to stabilize her injuries and move her to the helicopter landing area. Meanwhile, additional rescue personnel were dropped into the immediate area via repeated trips from the helicopter.

It took crews about two hours to move the woman half a mile to the helicopter landing zone. At 8:30 p.m., the woman was airlifted to Aspen Valley Hospital, where she is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. All crews were off the field shortly after midnight.